About Jeds Investments Ltd

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JEDS Investments has maintained an innovative approach to real estate development which originated in former years as residential housing developers with a strong and successful presence in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Recognising the shift in affordability and home ownership in more recent years, JEDS Investments was founded in 2012 by CEO Eamonn Coleman, to support and empower communities effected by the significant under supply of residential property and student accommodation.

Since then JEDS Investments have produced large scale private rented sector (PRS) schemes as well as iconic purpose built student accommodation facilities in a number of emerging cities within the UK.

In doing so, JEDS Investments are now one of the largest privately-owned development companies in the UK with a gross development value of over £900,000,000 and continue to expand at a soaring rate.

Acquiring land for both residential and commercial development, the team at JEDS Investments have applied their expertise and creative thinking to satisfy the burgeoning demand of housing and purpose built student accommodation within the UK.

The abundance of talent contained within the team allows our shared vision 'to provide high quality sustainable developments that drive positive socio-economic change to the surrounding communities'.

JEDS Investments are a progressive development organisation, constantly exploring new concepts to incorporate into an ever changing social, economic and physical world.