JEDS Investments continue to seek new opportunities within both established and emerging cities within the UK. With an experienced team that carries a wealth of knowledge, our expertise allow us to navigate the rigorous planning system and ensure we maximise every opportunity. In doing so we are able to work with land owners, local authorities and communities to implement sustainable developments that support the communities and create a positive environment.

For many land owners and estate agents JEDS Investments are a preferred developer to work with. We adopt a skilled and flexible approach to our acquisitions, and when combined with our substantial resources and funding the typical time consuming and burdening constraints that other developers commonly subject land owners to are eradicated.

Our profound track record within the residential and commercial sectors demonstrate how JEDS Investments are dedicated to progressing each project from the outset adopting our swift approach.

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If you own land (regardless of planning status) within a mile of a city centre or university campus and would consider selling, then please get in touch and a member of our team shall assist you.

JEDS Investment's Philosophy:

'to provide high quality sustainable developments that drive positive socio-economic change to the surrounding communities'.