Luton - Spring Place, Dumfries Street

The proposed development is for a student development comprising 520 student rooms over various phases. The scheme will provide a positive modern regeneration statement for Luton.

The scheme is currently on site and phase 1 is due for completion September 2016 with the remaining phases planned for completion by September 2017.

The scheme was carefully designed through a proactive pre-application process with the Local Planning Authority to ensure that the proposed development would not only be a positive contribution to the Town Centre, but equally a viable development for the developer.

The Scheme

All schemes are safeguarded regarding the future of the developments, excellent front of house is always provided – which ensures the schemes will be attractive to student and protect the investment of each scheme.

Recently completed were other student developments in Luton and they are running at 100% occupancy, the proposed scheme is not simply looking to obtain planning – but to deliver positive and significant regeneration development.