Stoke - Minton Hollins

The consented scheme is a major regeneration project within Stoke. The scheme is a student development for 1300 + student rooms which have been provided with cluster design and studio.

The main entrance to this landmark building will also have some retail space, ensuring that the scheme will be sensitively integrated within the local community, while also offering services to students.

The full planning application has now been approved by the Local Planning Authority, following a very positive per-application submission, as well a public consultation through the HIA (Health Impact Assessment).

Consultation with the local community has also been a key driver in providing some local retail and excellent animation to the main block – which creates great interaction with the local community.

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The Scheme

The scheme provides a variety of living options for the students in terms of accommodation types – students can choose the smaller blocks with clusters or the larger studio (hotel style) accommodation. The blocks are carefully arranged across the site to provide different types of outdoor amenity also – ranging from quite/ relaxing spaces to more vibrant/ sporting activity courtyard.

Local Reaction

The Sentinel recently covered the development - you can read more here.

This is an exciting time for developments in Stoke-on-Trent and we look forward to seeing more schemes to benefit the city.
— Linda Degg, Director of Estates and Commercial Service


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